RINCONADVICE, the advising platform for expats and entrepreneurs



One stop shop for personal advice


Cooperation between specialists


Multilingual services


(Spanish) certified advisors

To obtain good and affordable advice is complicated in Spain, but Rinconadvice can help you. Rinconadvice is a collaboration between specialists in the branches of accountancy, law practice and general business advice.


In Spain it's common to pay a monthly fixed fee to the bookkeeper. With our business model you only pay for provided services. Of course we can offer you a fixed price for repeating services like processing the financial administration, compliancy and tax declarations.


Where we distinguish ourselfs from the others is by serving you with personal advice. We do more than just providing our clients with "regular" services. We can look with you over your shoulder to give you the extra business support if needed.


Rinconadvice: personal, fiscal, economical and legal advice.